ELITE Training 

Athletes will be able to continue Elite Training throughout the month of August. Please see the calendar page for updated training times. 

**Elite is not required. If an athlete feels sick or unsafe,

please stay home.**



Incoming 7th graders and any new participant to CSISD athletics must have a physical completed by a doctor or nurse practitioner before participating and entered into their PlanetHS account. 

All other forms on PlanetHS will need to be completed. DO NOT create a new account, if you have previously had a PlanetHS account. If you have forgotten your log-in information, please email Chelsea Frashure, chelseafrashure@csisd.org or Ross King, rking@csisd.org. 

8th-12th graders returning to CSISD athletics will simply need to re-submit their physical and complete all forms on PlanetHS. 


See the video for the steps to re-submit your physical. 




Volleyball sport specific training will be held for high school students July 27th through September 4th. Please refer to the calendar page for specific times for SST as they will change throughout the month of August. Starting on August 3rd, teams are allowed 2 hours of SST. 

Each athlete must have their physical and forms completed in PlanetHS. If attending SST for the first time, please reach out to Coach Street, kstreet@csisd.org.

Athletes will be screened prior to entering and must wear a mask.

Athletes do not need complete the weekly registration, rather make sure to check in with the coach conducting the screenings. 

*** SST is not required. If an athlete feels sick or unsafe, please stay home***



High School: Please refer to the Calendar page for SST times for next week.