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My Stuff 2-Ply Paper Towels Absorbent Disposable Kitchen Cleaning Cloths 120 Perforated Sheets Per Roll Pack of 2 White - BD4PUC166

Availability: In Stock



Available Options

  • SELECT YOUR SIZE - Individually sized sheets make it simple for you to select the towel size best suited to your needs, so you can clean up large or small messes without stress

  • STRONG AND VERSATILE - These 2-ply sheets are strong enough for drying dishes, household cleaning, or taking care of spills and messes when they occur

  • PERFECT PERFORATION - Each of the 120 sheets per roll is individually perforated for quick and easy removal; no need to struggle with trying to tear off the perfect piece | SURFACE SAFE - Gentle, non-abrasive fibers ensure that these towels are safe to use on surfaces including stainless steel, acrylic, plastic, ceramic, non-stick metal, or glass

  • EXORBITANT ABSORPTION - Say goodbye to towels that just push the mess around: these ultra-absorbent, mess-friendly towels can tackle even heavy spills with ease | WET OR DRY - Whether you’re wiping down or mopping up, these versatile towels can tackle the task at hand, and are great for both wet and dry usage

  • DIMENSIONS - 10.75″ H x 6.29″ W (single sheet)

  • Tidy up around the house with My Stuff 2-Ply Paper Towels.

    While washrags can be useful for tidying up around the house, sometimes they simply can’t handle bigger spills. Dishtowels can often leave fibrous residue when cleaning up dishes. Stop struggling with these household frustrations and bring home a double-pack of two-ply paper towels to make your cleanup process faster and easier.

    This pack features two rolls of 2-ply paper towels, each roll containing 120 sheets. The individual sheets are perfectly sized so you can use one, two, or three sheets depending on the situation. Each sheet is conveniently perforated for a perfect tear every time. The absorbent towels efficiently soak up spills, dry dishes, or assist with scrubbing out the sink, wherever and whenever you need them the most. Safe to use on a multitude of surfaces, these convenient cleaning towels have earned their place as a household staple.

    Tackle household cleaning with these strong and versatile paper towels from My Stuff.

    Dimensions: 10.75″ H x 6.29″ W (single sheet) (single sheet)
    Material: Paper

    My Stuff 2-Ply Paper Towels Absorbent Disposable Kitchen Cleaning Cloths 120 Perforated Sheets Per Roll Pack of 2 White - BD4PUC166

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