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Vileda DuActiva 2-in-1 Anti-Dust Broom Plus Dustpan Set 14.1 x 29.4 x 81 cm Red Black - BXUPH8392

Availability: In Stock



  • Plastic

  • DuActiva broom with extending telescopic handle (75 cm-130 cm) and 2-in-1 Dustpan Set.

  • DuActiva broom gathers dirt and dust in just one sweep - without raising dust; suitable for all indoor hard floors.

  • DuActiva broom combines foam on one side and fine bristles on the other for improved cleaning.

  • Ergonomically designed dustpan and brush set.

  • Rubber lip on front of dustpan helps remove up all the dust in one go .

  • Product Description

    By combining two sweeping materials in the broom head, foam on one side and bristles on the other, the Vileda DuActiva broom effectively gathers dust and dirt in just one sweep, making sweeping up quicker and easier. In addition, the stiffer red bristles help to clean right into corners, while the rubber bumpers help prevent damage to the walls and furniture. The foam section can be easily removed for cleaning, just slide out and rinse under the tap. The telescopic handle makes it more comfortable to use and can be retracted for easy storage. The Vileda 2-in-1 dustpan set has been specially designed to make sweeping up easier. The brush has two different types of bristle - soft black bristles for dust and smaller particles and stiffer red bristles for getting into edges and corners. The front of the dustpan has a soft rubber lip that helps remove all of the dust and dirt in just one sweep. The dustpan handle has a moulded handgrip making it more comfortable to hold. The brush slots securely into the handle of the dustpan for easy storage. Made from durable plastic.

    Set Contains:

    1 x Vileda DuActiva Anti Dust Broom
    1 x 2-in-1 Dustpan Set

    Vileda DuActiva 2-in-1 Anti-Dust Broom Plus Dustpan Set 14.1 x 29.4 x 81 cm Red Black - BXUPH8392

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